Report of virtue ethics and animals

The role of animals in accordance to humans is an ethical debate that is seeded in different beliefs regarding the worth of animals.

An ostensible strength of deontology is that it applies equally to everyone. What is a good virtue. I shall argue that Kundera is correct. The first step in making that argument is to show that humans are more important than animals.

Firstly, how would a morally virtuous person treat animals. This case was cited by Bekoff and Pierce, Wild Justice: And this is equivalent to saying that the virtue of mercy is a necessary condition of the virtue of loyalty.

However, the 20th century brought it back to life and modernised it. Features of the Belmont Report should be considered when using animals in research even though animals are not subject to the concerns of anonymity or confidentiality.

Report of Virtue Ethics and Animals Essay

One must choose the acts, and choose them for their own sakes 3. Undercover videos reveal the gruesome scenes of animals being electrocuted, strangled, skinned alive, confined to tiny cages, etc. Rather, it means having a fundamental set of related virtues that enable a person to live and act morally well.

In relation to research, I understand that it is a lot more difficult to never use an animal in fields such as academia and medicine. The three questions The modern philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre proposed three questions as being at the heart of moral thinking: But here is a representative example of the sort of behavior I have in mind.

You might do your duty for animals without regard for any pernicious consequences of your actions. This is not an unimportant task: To respect animals would require acknowledging nonhumans as more than just materials. At the core of this unwillingness is the thought that animals are not responsible, and so cannot be held culpable, for what they do.

The virtue of kindness is an obvious place to start. So virtue ethics is not infallible.

Virtue ethics and care ethics

But almost all animals are powerless relative to us. For the reasons explained above, experimenters might fail to follow clinical equipoise, the notion that other available treatments should be used instead if they cause less harm.

Virtue ethics

A virtue-oriented approach to environmental ethics, New York: My decision to become a vegan was driven by my desire to reach a level of consistent ethical consideration for all animals in all the facets of my life. She claims that starting with the question of moral status is not the correct starting point in the animal ethics discussion.

We would not care for the overwhelming majority of humanity since we have no relationships with them. Cohen, Andrew and Wellman, Christopher eds. The obvious question is:.

Whose Rights are Right?: The Debate Over Animal Rights in Research

The Case for Animal Rights is a book by the American philosopher Tom Regan, in which the author argues that at least some kinds of non-human animals have moral rights because they are the "subjects-of-a-life," and that these rights adhere to them whether or not they are recognized. Virtue ethics and care ethics Virtue ethics The virtue ethics approach in moral philosophy defends the view that when deciding how to live, we should consider not what would make the world a better place or what norms we should obey, but rather what kind of moral agents we want to be.

By applying care ethics and features from the Belmont Report, it is evident that we need to evaluate our mainstream stance on the permissibility of animals used in research. Arguments for animal rights are rooted in the application of virtue ethics under the criteria of sentience.

Aristotle’s model of virtue ethics is exclusive to humans.

Virtue Ethics and Animal Research

The other two theories are consequentialism and virtue ethics. Deontology opposes consequentialism by which only the outcome or consequence of your action is important. Deontology appeals to an apparently objective source of duty for its authenticity. Most importantly, in virtue ethics, although virtues and vices are given many vocabulary or ways to describe, there is no rule that specify what the type actions belongs to virtues or vices.

For example, compassion can be a virtue or a fault depending on specific scenario (Hurtshouse, ). Report of Virtue Ethics and Animals Essay who champions virtue ethics, one of the three major approaches in normative philosophy. In contrast to deontology and consequentialism, virtue ethics is .

Report of virtue ethics and animals
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