A report on the life and works of wolfgang amadeus mozart

Freemasonry was not to remerge in Austria until The suppression of the Three Cannons lodge was a disaster for the Austrian Freemasons but the lodge struggled on in secrecy, After Archduke Francis was crowned Holy Roman Emperor innew lodges were formed which survived under his patronage, but the craft also survived, in an irregular form, in the shape of the rather curious Order of Mopses, Several brethren of the Catholic states of Germany who were fearful of offending the ecclesiastical authorities inaugurated the Order of Mopses in Vienna on 22 SeptemberThe Order of Mopses pretended to be anew association, but was in fact an imitation of Freemasonry under a different appellation.

He is recorded in a list of members as having completed his third degree and he is known to have been a very regular attendee of Lodge.

Mozart duly dispatched to Paris but the venture did not turn out well. In September Mozart, accompanied by his mother, set out on a tour with the objective of securing employment at one of the great courts of Europe.

The flame of Freemasonry was kept alight in Vienna until in Empress Maria Theresa issued an edict closing all Masonic lodges in her dominions. To give the order higher influence, Weishaupt connected it with Freemasonry by introducing a system of degrees, lectures of instruction and means of recognition.

An agitated Colloredo took Mozart to task for having made no preparations to leave and there followed a heated interview in which Colloredo addressed Mozart in the language of the street and summarily dismissed him. Wofgang Mozart is listed among the attending members and his occupation is stated as Imperial Kappelmeister - which he was not.

Stephens cathedral in the hope of succeeding the aged incumbent whom, however, refused to die. Colloredo was an unpopular choice. His indebtedness was partly due to Constanze's health problems, which required expensive treatment at the spa at Baden. Also, many of his wealthy patrons were called away to the war against the Turks.

Leopold Mozart was educated by the Jesuits at St. They were to have six children, only two boys survived infancy. The first Italian tour was an outstanding success and after a short break back in Salzburg he set off back to Italy to fulfil a commission to write the serenade Ascanio in Alba for the wedding of Archduke Ferdinand and Princess Maria Beatrice Ricciarda of Modena.

On his arrival there, Mozart was provided quarters and meals with the rest of the servants in the Palace of the Teutonic Knights and found himself regimented into a whirlwind series of chamber concerts in the houses of the nobility.

Matters came to a head in Maywhen Colloredo ordered Mozart to return to Salzburg. But the second honeymoon was not to last long. Only very rarely did a court musician petition for dismissal and the fact that Mozart had petitioned Colloredo was cause for suspicion.

Calling first at Munich, he made a botched attempt to find employment at the court of the Elector of Bavaria.

In October he was appointed an honorary Konzertmeister at the Salzburg court. His approach to the Elector was a clumsy mixture of cocksuredness and pretended servility and the Elector gained the impression that Mozart had a difficult personality.

Salvador, from whence he moved to Salzburg in where he attended the Benedictine University.

He also states his belief that no revolutionary movement would make headway in the Habsburg dominions because of the policy of enlightened reform, good government, and a moral and decent society. The Esterhazy family as a whole were enlightened and humane masters of huge estates in Hungary, Austria and Bohemia.

Leopold took two days writing his reply, concluding with: Mozart's remaining years were typified by intense musical activity coupled with serious indebtedness. Its professed object was to attain the highest possible degree of morality and virtue, and to lay the foundation for the reformation of the world by the association of good men to oppose the progress of moral evil.

On arrival, he found to his surprise that his father had secured for him the position of court organist. Mozart enjoyed his Freemasonry at a time when the craft in Austria was strong and protected by a benevolent Emperor who was well aware that many of his most trusted friends were members of the craft.

He states that until recently it had been impossible for a man to make a career unless he was a Freemason. Emperor Leopold had been concerned about the Illuminati, a secret society which had been founded on 1st Mayby Adam Weishaupt, who was professor of canon law at the University of Ingolstadt.

Mozart replied that the pleasure was his. Although its main base in Bavaria, the Order of Illuminati established lodges in several countries and tended to infiltrate Masonic lodges.

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart () Austrian composer, widely recognised as one of the greatest composers in the history of Western music.

Among his most famous works, with Lorenzo da Ponte as librettist: Le nozze di Figaro (), Don Giovanni () Cosi fan tutte (), Die Zauberflöte (), La clemenza di Tito ().

Meet the Classical Music composers featured in the Kickass Classical Top and find out where you've heard their music before. It's the top Classical Music from movies, songs, commercials, cartoons, video games and ringtones.

MOZART AND THE AUSTRIAN FREEMASONS His life, works and Masonic initiation. With a short history of the Austrian Freemasonry at his times. by holidaysanantonio.com Martin holidaysanantonio.comor: Master of the Research Lodge of Southland No ().

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A report on the life and works of wolfgang amadeus mozart
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